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Education Law & Mediation and Arbitration in Farmington Hills, Michigan

Laura A. Athens, Attorney and Mediator, PLC in Farmington Hills, Michigan, is the best resource to call when you need representation in an education or disability law case. Ms. Athens takes extreme pride in providing you with the best representation in the local market today.

Education Law
Make sure you have the most qualified person on your side. Ms. Athens is an attorney and mediator who handles your special education, discipline, expulsion, bullying, and civil rights issues with competence and compassion.

Ms. Athens is extremely confidential and has access to all your records to bring your case to a successful close. She takes a proactive approach when it comes to resolving school conflicts. She represents those who are seeking special education programming or services and those facing disciplinary or expulsions hearing.

Disability Law Equally Access Law & Inclusion
Gain the protection you need to get equal access and fair treatment. Ms. Athens provides her services to people seeking guardianship for developmentally disabled individuals, including power of attorney.

Special Education
Ms. Athens puts her helping hand forward to those who need special education placement and services, such as inclusion, early intervention and transition services, speech, occupational and physical therapies, private placement, behavior intervention planning and positive behavioral support.  She represents students and their families in Individualized Education Program (IEP), Section 504 and  behavior intervention planning meetings.  In addition, she provides legal representation at resolutions sessions, mediation, due process hearings and in federal court.

Disability Rights Law
Disability disputes arise in different contexts, such as the college, university, private school and day care settings as well as in vocational rehabilitation matters.  Ms. Athens assists you in obtaining the services you need and also serves as a mediator assisting both parties to reach mutually satisfactory and enduring outcomes.

Mediation & Arbitration
In mediation, Ms. Athens brings the key players together to discuss their interests and concerns and brainstorm options.  She helps the parties problem solve and work collaboratively to reach mutually satisfactory resolutions that are sustainable.  With Ms. Athens assistance, the parties are able to identify creative solutions and craft their own unique agreement that meets the interests of all parties involved.  As a result of the mediation process, innovative and enduring resolutions are reached.

In arbitration, Ms. Athens offers a more expeditious and less expensive alternative to litigation.  Arbitration also offers a private and confidential process for resolving disputes.  Arbitration is useful when the parties want to avoid court proceedings and when mediation is unlikely to result in a resolution because there is no "middle ground."   In arbitration, the parties can craft their own arbitration process and save time, energy and resources.  During arbitration, Ms. Athens reviews relevant documents, hears testimony of witnesses and renders a fair and just decision in an expeditious manner. 

Ms. Athens specializes in a variety of circumstances, including:

Special Education Disability Education Guardianship

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Updated: 17 December 2014